Thanks to continuous research and experimentation, StylGame is now able to offer a unique and revolutionary material, Comfort Plus®, positioned in between padding and upholstery.

The main features are:

  • MICRO MASSAGE – the irregular surface significantly stimulates blood circulation on the body parts in contact with the seat.
  • HIGH VENTILATION – easy to understand by observing the particular synthetic fibers that make up the material, similar to natural fibers.
  • HIGH RESISTANCE TO DEFORMATION – detected by tests on this material.
  • HIGH COMFORT – provided by the better weight distribution on the body parts in contact with the seat as highlighted by the Comfort Plus Test.


The validity of Comfort Plus® has been demonstrated by biomedical investigations carried out on the padding of the seats.

The image of the tests carried out on the medium density foam normally used, show how all the areas of suffering (yellow-green spots) Image A, disappear with the utilization of Comfort Plus®, Image B.