The STYLGAME rotation mechanism is protected by two international patents and in a single container brings together three unique and essential features for the player’s comfort:

1°) The “CLUTCH” in the mechanism acts as a brake to the lateral micro-rotations of the seat, caused by the movement of the player’s arms while playing. Such micro-rotations would otherwise be instinctively counteracted by the player’s body causing lumbar pain;

2°) The push created by the “SELF CENTERING MECHANISM” is disengaged when the player sits down. This allows him/her to play in a relaxed way without putting strain on the parts of the body that would oppose this push. The “SELF CENTERING MECHANISM” is useful for keeping the seats in line when they are not in use.

3°) The “HEIGHT ADJUSTMENT” during the seat installation phase is important to optimize the player’s correct posture with respect to the button deck of the various PLAYER HUBS if necessary, as the new generations of cabinets have a standard height button deck.