StylGame can embroider logos on various types of coatings such as fabrics, imitation leather and leathers with the latest generation machinery in highly qualified Italian laboratories.

It is possible to obtain a realistic embroidered logo starting from a simple high definition .jpg image.

There are no size limits for the logos and you can use up to 12 different colors of yarn within a wide range of colors. In addition to flat color yarns, laminated yarns can also be combined to increase the brightness and prestige of the brand.

To obtain the best result, the best type of embroidery is evaluated from time to time:

  • classic embroidery by means of satin stitch for fills with constant texture, launched stitch for fills with a gradient effect or with satin stitch for thinner lines
  • embroidery in application with the use of ad hoc materials to emphasize the peculiarity of the logo.